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With its origins in Hamilton dating back to 1890, the law firm of Ross & McBride LLP maintains traditional values of personal yet professional service in a wide variety of contemporary legal disciplines.

Our lawyers have developed skill and expertise in specific areas of the law, often working together to provide our clients with comprehensive advice on complex issues. Ross & McBride's clients include

financial institutions and non-profit organizations, large public corporations and small family businesses, senior citizens and young people. We appear at all levels of Court and administrative tribunals.

Our lawyers contribute as leaders in the profession, instructing and writing for continuing legal education programs. We are also actively involved in many volunteer and community activities.

At Ross & McBride LLP, our commitment to our clients for over a century has earned our reputation as

"The Legal Professionals"


  • I’m paid a salary. I am entitled to overtime pay?

    Posted on Jul 26, 2016 by Wesley Jamieson Even as a salaried employee, you are likely among the majority of employees, who are entitled to overtime pay if they have more than a 44 hour work week.   These minimum standards are provided to most employees under Ontario’s Read More

    I’m fed up with my employer. Do I get any money if I just quit?

    Posted on Jul 19, 2016 by Wesley Jamieson Normally, you get nothing if you quit your job – except wages (broadly defined) and vacation pay you have earned up to your last day.  

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    I was riding my bicycle on a City street when I was hit by a car. I do not have automobile insurance. Can I receive compensation?

    Posted on Jul 18, 2016 by Anandi Naipaul During the summer months, I receive many calls from cyclists who have been struck by automobiles while cycling on City roads.  Many of these individuals use a bicycle as their primary mode of transportation and therefore, do not own cars and...

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