Employment Insurance, what you can claim

If you are terminated from your employment and are not guilty of willful misconduct, and you have enough insurable hours, you are entitled to Employment Insurance. You have to serve a two-week waiting period before you can start collecting.

Employment Insurance - Is it really insurance?

Webster’s Dictionary defines insurance as “the practice by which an individual secures financial compensation for a specified loss with damage resulting from risk of any sort, by contract with a company to which he pays regular premiums.”

Employer should not lie to Employer Insurance

Employers should be wary of fiddling with the truth in order to help a former employee receive Employment Insurance benefits.


As has been reported in this paper, Stelco is undergoing some belt tightening and has offered voluntary severance packages to a number of senior employees. If they sign off and leave their employment, they get a year’s pay and other perks. But, are they eligible for Employment Insurance?