Rethink your posting on Facebook? it could get you fired

Are you a Facebook participant? Is your “wall” somewhere you feel free to share every thought you have with your friends? Are many of the “friends” you have on Facebook people you work with? Let your verbal diarrhea extend to complaining about your boss on your Facebook page and you may really find out who your “friends” are.

Can boss create just cause with warnings?

QUESTION:  After ten years of good results and positive performance appraisals in my sales position, six months ago I got a new boss. Suddenly, I am chopped liver. I have been put on a performance improvement plan. I have been called into monthly meetings with my boss for the last four months. During the last two meetings I have been handed pieces of paper warning me that if my sales don’t improve I will be terminated. They have done a good job with the paperwork. If I get terminated, are they going to be able to say there was just cause and pay me nothing because of all the warnings?

Nothing you do on your computer at work is private

We are all obsessive about something some time. When those obsessions, however, interfere with your work, you could end up free to pursue them at your leisure.

More than one bad day needed for just cause

Ted was 59 years old and had been employed as a warehouse manager for nine years.


Sometimes, being too smart and creative can get you in trouble. Especially if you don’t have ethics and common sense to go with it.

Just because the file is thick does NOT mean it�s just cause

Got a new boss? After many years of good performance ratings, are you suddenly receiving warning letters about your performance? Are they telling you if things do not improve you may be disciplined or terminated?

When is a resignation a resignation?

By early 2005 Perry had been employed by an industrial maintenance company for 15 years. He was a branch manager earning a total package worth around $140,000.00 a year. Perry had a safety manager working in his branch who did not report directly to him.