Who is ‘per stirpes’ and why am I leaving them everything in my will??

If you have prepared your will with a lawyer you may have noticed these short two words ‘per stirpes’ (and yes it is stirpes not stripes). 

Someone I relied on for support didn’t leave me anything in their will. Is there anything I can do?

In most circumstances, individuals in Ontario are free to leave their estate to anyone they wish when they pass away.

Why should I consider incorporating my business?

The law views a corporation as a legal entity separate from its owners (i.e. the shareholders).

Mediation or Litigation?

Separations sever not only personal relationships they also break up the shared financial partnership of the couple.

I operate my business as a Corporation. Do I have to maintain a Minute Book?

Yes. Federally and provincially incorporated businesses are required by law to maintain and safeguard detailed and accurate business records in a form that is readily available.

I have a drinking problem and lost my job what can I do?

Three months ago I was sent home from work for being intoxicated. I have struggled with alcoholismfor the past two years. Yesterday, I was under the influence of alcohol when I attended work and my employer fired me. Is there anything I can do?

Collision Course: Nowhere to turn for CFL Players affected by concussion

Republished from the Hamilton Spectator: Brian Simo, personal injury lawyer contributes to the four part series by Steve Buist of the Hamilton Spectator.

Employees with disabilities are protected.

The Ontario Human Rights Code is not new and it is surprising that so many employers continue to run afoul of the obligations it imposes on them.

Wade in the news - CBC August, 2017

Greater Toronto Area tennis league violate women's human rights, players charge.

I’m worried my parent is no longer capable of making their own decisions, and they haven’t made a Power of Attorney. Is there anything I can do?

If someone you know and love is no longer able to understand the decisions they are required to make, or cannot appreciate the consequences of their actions, they may need someone to legally make decisions for them.