Both parents are entitled to receiving information on their children.

I am a parent, the other parent doesn’t give me any information about my child. Am I entitled to information?

Wrongful death due to negligence - there is compensation for family members

My loved one died suddenly and tragically as a result of the negligence of another person.  Do I have a claim?

Physician assisted dying: following guidelines from the courts and colleges

Andrew Spurgeon says doctors should follow guidelines set by medical colleges and provincial courts on physician-assisted dying as it's unlikely Ottawa will have legislation in time for the court-imposed June 6 deadline.

Jeffrey R, Manishen on the Ghomeshi verdict

Jeffrey R. Manishen weighs in on the Jian Ghomeshi verdict.

I am renewing my automobile insurance. What questions should I ask my broker?

Insurance brokers have an obligation to explain the types of coverages available to you so that you can make an informed decision. Insurance policies should not be treated with a one size fits all approach. There are optional benefits available that will provide additional benefits and higher level financial compensation if you are involved in a motor vehicle accident. The insurance coverage you are buying should fit your specific needs. 

March is fraud prevention month. Don't be a victim

Many partnerships and small corporations are often victims of fraud when there are not enough checks in their accounting systems.

March is Fraud Prevention Month - Don't be a victim of fraud.

I have heard on a number of occasions that some grandparents had purportedly received a call from a grandchild with some concerning news: that they were in jail.

Andrew Spurgeon on the Tough Questions about Assisted Dying.

Here is Andrew Spurgeon, Personal Injury Lawyer addressing the tough questions on Assisted Dying.

Injured on public transportation - who is responsible?

I was injured while travelling on a public bus.  Who is responsible for my injuries?

March is fraud prevention month. Don't be a victim of fraud.

Do you require another mortgage to keep things afloat?  But the banks and credit unions won’t give you one?   You may need to turn to a mortgage broker to assist you but don’t know where or how to find one.