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My auto insurer has cut off my weekly income replacement benefit. I was receiving $400.00 per week and now I have no cheque coming in and I am unable to go back to work. Can I fight this?

In order to do so, you must file an application with the License Appeal Tribunal (LAT)-Automobile Accident Benefits Service (AABS). This must be done within 2 years of your insurance company’s refusal/termination to pay your weekly benefit. If you do not make an application with the LAT within that time period, you will lose the right to dispute the termination of the benefit.

There are specific rules and procedures that must be followed in order to properly file this type of dispute and there is a fee associated with filing. The filing of the application is just one of the first steps in disputing a termination. There are multiple steps and procedures that follow before a hearing, and multiple forms of hearing available. Many of these steps have strict time limitations. Given the complexity of these procedures, it is strongly advisable to retain a lawyer who specializes in this area to assist with these disputes.
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