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What is a construction lien?

Have you had renovations done or retained a contractor to carry out construction work within the last 45 days?  If so, everyone who worked at your home, even if you didn’t have a direct contract with them, can register a construction lien against your property.  A construction lien is a special kind of security that those who provided materials or services can register to protect the work they carried out at your home – the value of their unpaid work forms a security that attaches to your property.  The construction lien is a creature of statute and exists solely because of the Construction Lien Act and it requires that contractors and subcontractors register their liens within 45 days of the date that they last supplied services to your home; if they miss this crucial deadline, they will not be able to register a lien. Thereafter, the lien must be ‘perfected’ by taking other steps which are also registered on title to your home.  If there is a lien registered against your house or other property you should seek legal help to take steps to defend, discharge or vacate the construction lien from your home.
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