Wrongful death due to negligence - there is compensation for family members

My loved one died suddenly and tragically as a result of the negligence of another person.  Do I have a claim?
Wrongful death occurs when someone is killed directly due to the negligence or misconduct of someone else. A wrongful death can leave surviving loved ones  with serious financial, emotional and psychological hardship. In most cases, the relatives (spouse, children, grandchildren, parents, grandparents, brothers and sisters) of the deceased can start a lawsuit for compensation against the at-fault person or party. The damages that you may be able to recover depend on the particular facts including whether the negligent party has access to insurance.
Generally, a surviving relative can claim an amount for a loss of care, guidance and companionship that the claimant might reasonably have expected to receive from the deceased person, had the death not occurred.  You may be able to claim dependency losses if the deceased was a financial contributor in the home.  You may also be able to claim expenses reasonably incurred as a result of the death including support services and funeral expenses. 
As there are strict time limits within which you must commence a wrongful death claim, you should contact an experienced personal injury law who is familiar with wrongful death claims and seek advice.
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