Wade in the News - CBC 25 November 2017

Bell's 'Let's Talk' campaign rings hollow for employees suffering panic attacks, vomiting and anxiety

Veganism protected as a creed from discrimination

I am vegan and my employer requires that I wear leather boots as part of the uniform. I have asked to wear different footwear which respect my chosen lifestyle but they have refused, what can I do?

Wade in the news - The Hamilton Spectator

Closing submissions made in disciplinary case for police officer charged in stop of Councillor.

Wade in the news - Globe and Mail

Street Check or Well-Being Check?  Police carding case comes at key juncture in Ontario.

Examining the nature of Henson Trusts

The Supreme Court of Canada granted leave to appeal in the case of in S.A. v. Metro Vancouver Housing Corporation, 2017 BCCA 2 (37551). 

Wade in the News - CBC - November, 2018

Was officer okay to question Matthew Green?  Lawyers clash over role of race in poilce stop.

Wade in the news - Canadian Lawyer Magazine

Dressing for success: Dress codes should follow human rights guidelines.

Wade in the news - Lawyers' Daily

Lawyers laud proposed addictions to Ontario Human Rights Code, but say more change needed.

If I buy used real estate and discover a defect, what are my remedies?

There is a general principle in real estate law, stemming from the Latin phrase “Caveat Emptor”, which holds that a buyer has an obligation to exercise proper caution when acquiring real estate.

Who is ‘per stirpes’ and why am I leaving them everything in my will??

If you have prepared your will with a lawyer you may have noticed these short two words ‘per stirpes’ (and yes it is stirpes not stripes).