What should I do if I am involved in a car accident?

Remain at the scene: Don’t leave the scene of the accident and don’t move your car.  If you are unsafe in your car, move to place of safety.  Call the police and wait for them to arrive.
Motor vehicle accident report:  When the police arrive, they will take a statement from you, the other party and witnesses.  The police will also complete a police report.  You can ask for a copy of the report and the name of the investigating officer. You should take down your own notes of how the accident happened and take photographs of the scene, the property damage to vehicle and your injuries.
Seek/accept medical attention:  If you are injured, you should attend the hospital by ambulance or other means.  Symptoms can take hours or days to set in.  Attend the hospital and see your family doctor as soon as possible.
Contact your insurance company:  You have to call your insurer with 7 days of the accident. You need to advise your insurer of damage to your vehicle.  You also need to apply for accident benefits
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