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I was badly beaten. Can I sue the accused for monetary compensation?

 I was badly beaten. Can I sue the accused for monetary compensation?


You certainly can. 


If you are the victim of a violent crime, which includes essentially any form of physical and/or sexual assault, you may bring a civil action against the accused. However, winning in court does not always mean that you will actually receive any money. Attempting to enforce a judgment can be a difficult, if not an impossible, task when the defendant has little or no money.


That said, you may also want to consider the Criminal Injuries Compensation Board (“the Board”) as a possible route for monetary compensation. The Board iss a provincially funded tribunal that provides financial compensation to individuals who have fallen victim to violence in Ontario. While the compensation available is relatively modest, it does afford some level of guaranteed recovery if the victim is successful at the Board. 


A recent Annual Report published by the Board revealed that approximately $31.2 million was awarded to victims of violent crime across Ontario in 2014-2015. The average amount awarded per case during this time period was $8,606.


If you are the victim of a violent crime, it is best to contact a lawyer as soon as possible to discuss the possibility of filing a lawsuit and/or commencing an application with the Board.


There is a two year time limit to bring forth civil actions, unless it is a sexual assault. It is also required that you bring Board matters within two years of the incident, although time can be extended under extenuating circumstances.