In a commercial lease, why does the landlord want all money payable by the tenant to be classified as rent?

The following are three categories of rent, that are oftentimes included together or in some combination thereof in a commercial lease, to ensure that almost all money owing by the tenant to the landlord is classified as rent:

Federal Government Law Priorities

Jeffrey Manishen talks with Jamie West and Tracy Lynn about some of the new Federal Government's law priorities.

I was involved in a car crash a few months ago. A representative from the insurance company for the at-fault driver called and made me an offer to settle my claim. Do I really need to hire a lawyer or

You should always know and understand what your rights and entitlements  are before you give them up. The law in this area is becoming increasingly complex and there is a connection between the at-fault driver claim and the no-fault claim.  Given this and other considerations, it is very important that you obtain a legal opinion from a lawyer, and not just any lawyer, but an experienced personal injury lawyer.  


The Estate Trustee's Release: How to Survive Court Scrutiny

Estate trustees would be wise to request releases from beneficiaries. When requesting such releases, estate trustees should suggest independent legal advice, offer to address the concerns of the beneficiaries, and be forthcoming with information regarding administration of the estate. These are all steps that bolster the likelihood that a release will survive court scrutiny if ever attacked by a beneficiary.

What is personal injury law and when do I need a lawyer?

Personal injury law is a body of law that deals with hurt or injured people.  It deals with any injuries to a person regardless of how the injury happened and who is at fault. 

Does an employment agreement have to be in writing

Does an employment agreement have to be in writing

Carding - what you need to know if stopped by police

The act of carding has been a hot topic of late.

My auto policy is up for renewal. I just noticed that I am paying a premium for something called OPCF 44R. What is this?

OPCF 44R is also known as Family Protection Coverage and is an important part of your car insurance. This type of coverage is optional and is usually valued at $1,000,000.


What's the deal with joint bank accounts?

It's often the case that an aging parent make his/her account(s) joint with one or more of her children. So on death are join accounts Estate assets?

Courtroom scenes in the movies

Courtroom scenes in the movies and on television aren't very similar to reality.