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Brian Simo



Year of call: 2014

Personal injury lawyer Brian Simo is located in Hamilton.

Brian has always had a personal and professional interest in helping those suffering from illness or injury. Brian graduated from Queens University in 2005 with an Honours Bachelor of Science Degree specializing in Life Sciences. With this background Brian has an in depth understanding of the human body, injury and illness, and the rehabilitation process.

During this time Brian also volunteered with and trained the campus emergency response team, which assists persons ill or injured on campus.

Prior to obtaining his Juris Doctor from Queens University in 2013, Brian embarked upon a successful career as an Adjudicator/Case Manager for the Workplace Safety and Insurance Board, where he administered benefits for thousands of injured workers.  Brian's interest in the law was developed during his time with the WSIB, and he became passionate about advocating for persons suffering from injury or illness and their families.

Brian works exclusively on behalf of injured Plaintiffs and their families.  Brian will provide you with expert advice in all legal questions and matters relating to personal injury. His practice is primarily focused on motor vehicle accidents, slip and fall accidents and other insurance issues including long-term disability insurance and accident benefits.

Brian was born and raised in the Hamilton-Niagara area, and is happy to be returning home to practice law.

Areas of Expertise

  • Personal Injury
  • Motor vehicle accident injuries
  • Statutory accident benefit claims
  • Slip and fall accidents
  • Long-term disability insurance claims
  • Workplace Safety and Insurance Board claims

Organizations and Activities

  • Law Society of Upper Canada, Admitted
  • Hamilton Law Association, Member
  • Ontario Trial Lawyers Association, Member

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