What is a Power of Attorney?

Power of Attorney for Personal Care:
  • Covers all types of personal care, including decisions about health care, nutrition, clothing, housing, hygiene, safety and consent to medical treatment. A Power of Attorney for Personal Care cannot be used until you become mentally incapable of making personal care decisions generally or making specific decisions.
Power of Attorney for Property- Limited or Continuing:
  • Can be limited in scope and in time, such as authorizing an attorney to act on a specific real estate transaction or to pay bills while the person granting the power of attorney (the "grantor") is away on a trip. Continuing powers of attorney for property permit the named attorney or attorneys to act or continue to act if the grantor becomes legally incapable of acting for him or herself and becomes effective immediately upon signing. 
  • A Continuing Power of Attorney for Property covers the management of the individual's property and finances.
It is important to have Powers of Attorney in place so that critical decisions for your future care can be made on your behalf.