My lawyer is suggesting that we try mediation as a means of dissolving our marriage. How does it work?

As an alternative to the full process of a court hearing in a family dispute, lawyers and/or their clients may resort to resolving their cases by mediation where parties are both capable of negotiating in a meaningful way.  Each court has a mediation service and there are also many private mediators who are experienced in family law cases who can be retained.

As a mediator, it is my practice to only deal with cases where all parties have retained counsel to assist them.  An experienced lawyer can assist his or her client to concentrate on the issues to be resolved, without permitting their emotions relating to their family disruptions make the negotiation difficult.  Mediation allows parties to negotiate their disputes.

From a positive point of view mediation can be much quicker and less expensive.  There is no waiting in line for your case to be heard.  It will be dealt with on the scheduled date without the pressure of the time limitations imposed by other cases of the day waiting to be dealt with.  In short for many cases it can be simpler and that’s how it should be.
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