I was “doored” by a car while riding my bicycle. Is this considered a motor vehicle accident? Can I obtain compensation?

Being “doored” is a hazardous accident when a driver of a parked vehicle opens the door in the path of a cyclist. The cyclist, the bicycle or both are hit causing the rider to be knocked off the bike. This type of accident is becoming more common place as more people are choosing bicycles as their preferred method of transportation. It can lead to devastating injuries and sometimes, death.

This type of accident is considered a motor vehicle accident and the cyclist is offered the same rights as if they were in a car.  You are entitled to make an application for accident benefits to your own automobile insurance company.  If you do not have automobile insurance, you may be entitled to make an application for accident benefits to the owner’s insurance that “doored” you. You may be entitled to benefits such as income replacement benefits, attendant care benefits, medical rehabilitative benefits and other benefits depending on your policy.

You may also be entitled to bring a lawsuit against the driver that “doored” you for damages for your pain and suffering, past and future income loss, loss of household and handy person capacity and future care costs. You close family members may also be able to bring a claim for their loss of care, guidance and companionship.  

Seeking the early advice of an experience personal injury lawyer will assist you in obtaining the best compensation for your losses.
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