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My disability insurer is now saying I don’t qualify for benefits and my employer says it currently has no vacant positions that fit my medical restrictions. What do I do?

If you’ve gone on a medical leave from work and you’ve run out of EI sick benefits and/or short-term disability benefits you should apply for long-term disability benefits if you have them (often through work).  Ask your employer or insurer for the forms.   If you’re denied, you should get advice right away from a lawyer that specializes in employment law or disability law.   If you’re facing a situation as a worker like this – where you’re having trouble returning to work and denied long-term benefits – we can help you sue the disability insurer, if necessary, and help you figure out if there’s a better option, which might involve pushing for modified work with your employer.   You should get legal advice before making any decisions; the strategy may well hinge on the medical evidence.

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