Six Tips for Running a Charity

Their duties can come from various sources law, such as trust law, corporate law or the common law. 
Below are six tips to help charitable leaders with the day to day running and administration of their charities:

1.    The Constitution
Know your charity’s legal structure, including its governing document(s).  The objects of your charity should be central to all of its activities.  Your charity can only act within its purposes.  Make sure all of its current and future plans fall within those objects. 

2.    Orient Your Board
Properly orient the board about your charity and its workings.  Make sure the board is clear about its role and aware of risks and liabilities.

3.    Finances
Your charity’s resources must be properly safeguarded and used only in furtherance of your charity’s objects.  Keep accurate and up to date financial records and foster a culture of transparency within your charity.

4.    Conflicts
Conflict of interest law will differ from one jurisdiction to the next.  Make sure that your charity establishes an appropriate conflicts of interest policy.  

5.    Payments
Charitable directors are expected to act gratuitously.  They cannot allow other interests to interfere with those of the charities’ when decisions are made for the charity. 

6.  Board Renewal
 Refresh your board regularly to ensure that new ideas are considered. Seek out new leaders with the skills required for the organization and ensure that there is a diverse range of skills on the board.
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