My disability insurer is now saying I don’t qualify for benefits and my employer says it currently has no vacant positions that fit my medical restrictions. What do I do?

If you’ve gone on a medical leave from work and you’ve run out of EI sick benefits and/or short-term disability benefits you should apply for long-term disability benefits if you have them (often through work).  Ask your employer or insurer for the forms.

What can I do to keep kids safe on Hallowe'en

Here are some Hallowe'en Safety Tips.

Does a Charity have Freedom of Expression?

The short answer is no. The “political activities” of Canadian charities and not-for-profit corporations are strictly regulated. The Income Tax Act limits the amount of resources a registered charity can devote to political activities.

I was “doored” by a car while riding my bicycle. Is this considered a motor vehicle accident? Can I obtain compensation?

Being “doored” is a hazardous accident when a driver of a parked vehicle opens the door in the path of a cyclist. The cyclist, the bicycle or both are hit causing the rider to be knocked off the bike.

Can your organization send emails without permission?

Canada’s anti-spam legislation came into force in 2014. Among other things, the legislation prohibits sending commercial electronic messages (CEM) without the permission of the recipient. Commercial electronic message include emails and text messages encouraging participation in a commercial activity (offers to sell, purchase, barter or lease products, offers to provide services, etc.).

Should cyclists carry insurance?

While driving I was involved in an accident with a cyclist - it was HIS fault.  I am out of pocket to pay for the damage to my vehicle as a result - how is this right?

What do I need to know about Ontario’s new pedestrian crossover rules?

Earlier this year, the province introduced pedestrian crossovers under the Highway Traffic Act. They have specific signs and pavement markings. Some crossovers in higher traffic areas may have overhead lights, flashing beacons and push buttons. 

Important considerations for relocating the residence of a child

In the Family Law context, the term “mobility” refers to the issue of whether one parent is able to relocate the residence of their child(ren), without the consent of the other.

Brokerage business model behind some PI advertising concerning

In recent years, more and more accident victims have been relying on advertising to find the right lawyer to lean on — but there are concerns that in certain circumstances, the interests of the plaintiff and counsel are far from aligned, Hamilton personal injury lawyer Andrew Spurgeon writes in Lawyers Weekly.

Smile, you're on courtroom camera!

An Alberta judge’s decision to televise the verdict in the Travis Vader murder trial may have opened the door to more cameras in the courts, says Hamilton criminal lawyer Jeffrey Manishen.