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I was injured in a car accident and I need treatment. I have an automobile policy and extended health benefits through work. I have been told I have to use my work benefits first. Is this true?

The law governing accident benefits in Ontario requires you to exhaust any other available insurance prior to accessing the benefits available to you from your auto insurer (statutory accident benefits).

I was involved in a car crash a few months ago. A representative from the insurance company for the at-fault driver called and made me an offer to settle my claim. Do I really need to hire a lawyer or

You should always know and understand what your rights and entitlements  are before you give them up. The law in this area is becoming increasingly complex and there is a connection between the at-fault driver claim and the no-fault claim.  Given this and other considerations, it is very important that you obtain a legal opinion from a lawyer, and not just any lawyer, but an experienced personal injury lawyer.  


My auto policy is up for renewal. I just noticed that I am paying a premium for something called OPCF 44R. What is this?

OPCF 44R is also known as Family Protection Coverage and is an important part of your car insurance. This type of coverage is optional and is usually valued at $1,000,000.