Jobs dismantled bit by bit can lead to a constructive dismissal claim

Keith had been vice president of a company that sold video gaming terminals in New Brunswick for 6 years when things started to change. Although Keith had been one of the original employees who helped increase sales over that period by 500%, and was earning $160,000 a year, suddenly his star started to fall.

Accommodation required regarding religion but what is undue hardship?

The Ontario Human Rights Code prohibits discrimination in employment on the basis of, among other things, religion.  Employers are required to accommodate people with respect to their religion unless that accommodation is an undue hardship.


Sometimes, being too smart and creative can get you in trouble. Especially if you don’t have ethics and common sense to go with it.


It is amazing how many companies out there still think they can avoid all the obligations that go with employees by simply having a contract signed that says the person that works for them is an independent contractor and then having the employee render invoices for their time.

Abolish human rights tribunals?

Two of the candidates for the leadership of the Ontario Conservative Party are suggesting that the Ontario Human Rights Tribunal be abolished. They believe the whole issue of human rights should be handed over to the courts. The suggestion is that this will weed out frivolous nuisance claims.

CNIB and an example of discrimination

The Canadian National Institute for the Blind recently appointed a sighted Chief Executive Officer. Some have been critical of this appointment; claiming that a sighted person could never truly appreciate the circumstances and challenges of a sight-impaired person. At its core, their argument is that unless someone has walked in the shoes of a sight-impaired person, they can’t really do the job.

Employee remedies for big wage cuts illusory

Terminating staff is not the only way employers are trying to deal with these economic times. Finding people who have actually received even a cost of living raise this year is like looking for a needle in a haystack. Many employers have announced pay freezes. Some have imposed across-the-board reductions in pay from 5% to 10%.

Maternity Leave, EI and Adverse Discrimination

The way in which the Employment Insurance Act treats parents who lose their jobs during or after the period in which they received maternity or parental benefits is unfair and discriminatory. A woman is entitled 15 weeks of maternity leave benefits and up to 35 weeks of parental leave benefits unless her spouse uses some of those parental benefits.

Just because the file is thick does NOT mean it�s just cause

Got a new boss? After many years of good performance ratings, are you suddenly receiving warning letters about your performance? Are they telling you if things do not improve you may be disciplined or terminated?

Employment Insurance - Is it really insurance?

Webster’s Dictionary defines insurance as “the practice by which an individual secures financial compensation for a specified loss with damage resulting from risk of any sort, by contract with a company to which he pays regular premiums.”