Bad Faith damages increased with poor treatment

A number of years ago the Supreme Court of Canada changed employment law significantly when it awarded “bad faith damages”. As a result of how an employee was poorly treated during the termination process, the court increased the pay in lieu of reasonable notice to which the employee would otherwise have been entitled.

The Downfalls of EI and Maternity Leaves

In Ontario, women who have the bad luck to be terminated from their employment just before they start or during their maternity leave are unwillingly increasing the surplus of money in the Employment Insurance bank. Call it an involuntary gift and an undeserved one at that.

Could weight eventually be a term of employment?

Curt Schilling, a pitcher with the Boston Red Sox, has agreed to stay on for another year. In addition to $3 million in potential performance bonuses, he can make an extra $2 million by meeting certain weight goals in the contract. It seems like they want Curt trim and fit. The thinner he is, the more money he makes.

Resigning won't get you more money

QUESTION: I have worked for my employer for about 4 years. The industry in which I work is going through a tough time and there have been a number of layoffs in our offices over the last couple of months. I am in a non-management business analyst position and I think that my role is going to be one of the next ones to be chopped. If I submitted a resignation in writing effective 6 months from now, and a few weeks later they decided to terminate me, would they have to pay me out for the rest of the 6 months?

How to avoid a claim of inducement

In this fairly healthy economy, employers are often offering positions to people who are already employed rather than the unemployed.

Non-Solicitation and one man's lucky day

One of the skills lawyers sell is their ability to predict what will happen in a court room in a particular case. Because the justice system usually works we often can. But there are some decisions by courts that make you wonder why you even try.

Loose lips sink ships

Loose lips sink ships. That ship can be your job.

Lying hurts a wrongful dismissal suit

Greg worked for 5 years at a casino. By the time he was terminated, he was a games supervisor. He monitored a number of dealers.  He had a boss named Michael that he joked around with all the time.

Clear written progressive discipline policy a necessity

When dealing with non-unionized employees, the arsenal of disciplinary tools an employer has available to it have always been limited: a few warning letters, suspension without pay followed by a termination.

When Asking a Question can be Illegal

When can asking a simple question be illegal? When you are interviewing a prospective employee for a job.