What to do when you are overworked

It seems in the last few years that I am increasingly being consulted by overworked employees. No one’s being obviously mean to them. They haven’t been demoted. Their wages have not been cut.

Bad performance review or warning letter, think carefully before acting

When a performance review or warning letter lands on your desk which you feel unfairly maligns your performance and contribution, what’s the next step? Should you put your head down and wait for the storm to pass or fight back?

Not happy? Look for a new job

QUESTION: I have worked with my present employer for 9 years. I have not had a raise in 4 years. My hiring letter said that I would get a performance review every year but that has never happened. I strongly suspect that my co-workers are getting regular raises. Whenever I raise this with my boss I get “not this year”. Whenever I ask for a performance review like my hiring letter said I would get, I get put off. Isn’t my employer breaching my contract? Don’t they have to give me a performance review like they promised and an appropriate raise?