Choosing optional no-fault auto insurance benefits

This article was originally published by The Hamilton Spectator.

Q: I’m renewing my auto insurance policy. What should I consider in purchasing no-fault insurance benefits?

A: No-fault insurance benefits are also known as “accident benefits” and are a mandatory part of every auto insurance policy in Ontario.

Accident benefits pay for treatment, rehabilitation costs, income replacement and care if you or your family are injured in an accident involving an automobile (i.e., car, truck, ATV, or snowmobile). 

The maximum amounts you can get from your insurance company for these benefits can vary. You should ask your insurer what is included in your standard auto insurance policy and consider purchasing optional benefits to increase your income replacement, medical, rehabilitative and attendant care benefits to higher maximum amounts.

You should also consider your personal circumstances and whether you should be purchasing optional benefits which are not included in the standard policy. This might include caregiving benefits and housekeeping benefits (which are only available to those with the most serious injuries).

Without these additional coverages, you could find yourself paying for care and therapy out of pocket if you’re injured in a car accident. For a small increase in your monthly premium, you can purchase optional benefits to protect yourself and your family.

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