Must I use my insurer's recommended treatment provider?

This article was originally published by The Hamilton Spectator.

Q: I was injured in a car accident and my insurance company has referred me to a physiotherapy clinic. Do I have to use the provider they’ve recommended, or can I get treatment somewhere else?

A: As part of your no-fault car insurance, you’re entitled to medical and rehabilitative benefits including treatment for your injuries. You’re always entitled to choose your own treatment provider and you are not required to attend a facility recommended by your insurance company. Provided the assessment and treatment are reasonable and necessary, your insurance company is obligated to pay for the services.

Before deciding where to get treatment, you should do some research. The treatment provider should be knowledgeable about the auto insurance process, familiar with the forms and should have experience with your particular injuries.

A good treatment provider should be your advocate. When your insurance company chooses the provider, that advocacy may be hindered. Insurance companies aim to keep their costs low and may not always advise you to seek the full extent of treatment you require.

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