Employees with disabilities are protected.

The Ontario Human Rights Code is not new and it is surprising that so many employers continue to run afoul of the obligations it imposes on them.

Wade in the news - CBC August, 2017

Greater Toronto Area tennis league violate women's human rights, players charge.

I’m worried my parent is no longer capable of making their own decisions, and they haven’t made a Power of Attorney. Is there anything I can do?

If someone you know and love is no longer able to understand the decisions they are required to make, or cannot appreciate the consequences of their actions, they may need someone to legally make decisions for them.

I inherited part of a real estate property from my parents. Can I make the estate trustee sell it to get my share?

With real estate prices being what they are, it has become more and more common for multiple siblings inheriting the property of a deceased parent to be divided over what to do, and when to do it.

Contingency Fees should be simple and standard.

After making changes to referral fees and advertising, the Law Society of Upper Canada (LSUC) is turning its attention to contingency fees.

Ruling may result in more uniform approach to bail.

Jeff Manishen writes about a recent Supreme Court of Canada decision that weighs in on the subject of judicial interim release pending trial has the potential to achieve significant changes to the criminal justice system  

Ontario Human Rights Commission tackles sexualized dress codes.

Employers should take a fresh look at their dress codes in the wake of an Ontario Human Rights Commission investigation, says Hamilton employment lawyer Jennifer Zdriluk.

Someone I relied on for support didn’t leave me anything in their will. Is there anything I can do?

In most circumstances, individuals in Ontario are free to leave their estate to anyone they wish when they pass away.

Workplace sexual harassment not tolerated at companies of any size.

Fresh out of high school, at the age of 18, Rebecca landed a job selling cell phones at a small store.  Some days she worked alone. Other days the store owner would work with her and occasionally his wife would be there.

A lesson for the litigious

Here’s a lesson to be learned from an interesting estates case.