Will the Court rewrite a contract because it does not say what it was meant to say?

Generally speaking, the courts are extremely reluctant to add, delete or amend words in a written agreement.  The general principle being that the Court will give effect to the intention of the parties as expressed in their written agreement.

I sustained serious injuries when I Iost control of my snowmobile on a public trail. Do I have a lawsuit?

Snowmobiling is a favourite wintertime activity for many Ontario residents.  However, the thrill of sliding through snow and ice can result in unfortunate accidents and very serious injuries.  Injuries to the brain, bones and spinal cord are just some of the potential results of a snowmobile crash.

What is a Power of Attorney?

A power of attorney is a legal document which grants one or more persons the authority to act on behalf of another person. In Ontario there are two types: a power of attorney for property and a power of attorney for personal care. All powers of attorney must be signed while the grantor is legally capable of managing his/her property and/or is capable of making personal care decisions.

Termination dates and Employment Standards Act.

I’ve been working as an Accounts Receivables Clerk for a company that has about 150 employees in Ontario for just over 10 years. The head office is in Arizona. It has been announced that the finance department in which I work is having all its functions transferred to head office down there. No definitive date has been given other than it is likely to happen some time this year. I have been asking for a letter confirming this and information about my termination package with no response. What should I do?

I fell on an icy city sidewalk and hurt my knee, but I’m not sure how badly. Should I speak to a lawyer?

As we enter the winter season, our Emergency rooms become filled with people who suffer from weather related slip and fall events.  It’s important that people injured in these falls know that the law places strict limits on their ability to claim damages from a Municipality for a failure to maintain sidewalks.

I will be skiing this winter with friends at an Ontario ski resort. Who is responsible if I am injured while skiing?

Skiing can be an enjoyable winter activity, but it is also potentially dangerous with inherent risks. The most common incidents involve collisions with other skiers and objects, accidents due to equipment failure and injuries due to inadequate instruction.

Ontario Protecting Rewards Points Act

On December 8, 2016, Ontario gave Royal Assent to legislation banning the expiration of reward points. Bill 47, a private member’s bill, entitled Protecting Reward Points Act was introduced to the Ontario legislature in October and has quickly gained momentum.

Bill 28 Creates New Definitions of Parentage and Rules for Birth Registration

As the concept of family changes so must our understanding of parenthood. The definition of a child in Ontario was established when the concept of family was generally accepted.

Christina Noudga and the privilege against self-incrimination

The ex-girlfriend of Tim Bosma’s killer pleaded guilty to obstructing justice for destroying evidence in the murder, but her testimony from the trial of her former partner could not be used against her, Hamilton criminal lawyer Jeffrey Manishen tells CHCH News

LSUC aims to tackle racism in the legal profession

Promoting diversity in the legal profession can be as simple as applying a modern iteration of the golden rule, says Hamilton personal injury lawyer Andrew Spurgeon.