I was at a public City park with my child when he was attacked by a dog. What are my rights?

As the mother of two young children and a frequent visitor of public parks, I am surprised by the number of dog owners who allow their dogs to run freely and unleashed in public areas which are heavily populated. If you or your child is attacked by a dog, you can sue the dog owner(s) for damages and expenses.

I have been appointed the executor of my parent's estate with my sibling. He knows how to manage money better than I do. Can I allow him to do all the work?

“Silent” executors beware!  As an executor, whether you actively participate in the administration of the estate or not, you are fully responsible for what happens in the estate.

Congrats to our Class of 2016 Articling Students

Congratulations to our Class of 2016 articling students on their Call to Bar.

Can I justifiably ask for more "pay in lieu" than has been offered from my former employer if I am fired?

Most employees are entitled to minimum amounts of notice (or pay in lieu, etc.), under applicable legislation as well as more generous “pay in lieu” under what is called the principle of reasonable notice of termination at common law. 

In order to sue my employer, do I have to pay money (or a �retainer�) upfront, or pay for legal work by the hour?

No, often you don’t have to pay legal fees upfront.  I recognize that money is tight when you’ve been laid off, or you’ve been let go, and sometimes it's better to not worry about every penny at the outset when you’re up against a well-funded employer and their lawyer. 

Changes to insurance benefits in Ontario warrant a conversation with your broker.

For all auto policies that are renewed after June 1, 2016, there will be significant decreases in your access to benefits. For this reason, you should contact your broker or adjuster and consider purchasing optional benefits including the following:


I just got fired from a good job. Can I sue to get my job back?

Yes, sometimes you can get your job back but it’s difficult, especially for employees in non-unionized jobs.   Get legal advice to see if it’s a good option.  

I'm a unionized worker. Does that mean I cannot file my own human rights claim?

No, you can and should file your own human rights claim, to protect yourself, because your union might drop that part of its grievance against the employer and leave you high and dry.  Ontario’s Human Rights Code does not prevent you from acting yourself.

Can I be disinherited by a Will on the basis of discrimination?

Generally speaking, a person has the “testamentary freedom” to do what he wants with his Estate upon death, though there are some limits on that freedom owing to public policy concerns, and potentially including blatant discrimination.

My teenage grandson was injured in a car accident. I have a very close relationship with my grandson. Can I sue the at fault party for my damages?

The Family Law Act recognizes that family members can be affected and suffer losses and damages as a result of the injury or death of a loved one.  Certain family members including, children, parents, spouses, siblings and grandparents may be entitled to recover damages in addition to the injured or deceased person.  The family member can only sue if the injured person is hurt due to the negligence of another and is or would be entitled to recover damages for that injury.