Legal Matters: What is the oppression remedy?

The Ontario Business Corporations Act (“OBCA”) and the Canada Business Corporations Act (“CBCA”) afford various rights to the shareholders of a corporation. If a shareholder’s rights are breached, it can turn to the OBCA or the CBCA for a variety of legal remedies.

Employment law: Sexual harassment at the holiday party

Nobody should be made to feel uncomfortable or harassed within their work environment.

Legal Matters: Why start a union in your workplace?

If you don’t have a union in your workplace, it may be a good time to start thinking about whether a union would benefit you and your colleagues.

Welcoming Renee Roy to our Family Law Group

Ross & McBride is pleased to welcome Renee Roy as Associate Counsel to our Family Law practice.

Employment law: Different treatment not necessarily discrimination

One-standard-fits-all approach does not help us move forward toward a society that embraces true equality, writes Ed Canning.

Wade Poziomka named one of 2022’s Leading Lawyers Under 40

Wade Poziomka, a partner in our Human Rights, Labour, and Employment Practice Group has been selected as one of 2022’s Leading Lawyers Under 40 by Lexpert Rising Stars.

Legal Matters: Trans and gender-nonconforming persons’ rights to use public washrooms

Everyone has the right to define their own gender identity. Gender identity is each person’s internal experience of gender. It’s how someone feels as a man, woman, both, neither or anywhere along the gender spectrum. A person’s gender identity could be the same or different from the sex they were assigned at birth.

Ross & McBride named one of Canada’s Best Law Firms 2023

Ross & McBride has been recognized on The Globe and Mail’s list of Canada’s Best Law Firms 2023, with distinction in the area of Human Rights Law.

Legal Matters: Can unionized workers sue their employer?

Unionized employees are largely shut out of the courts and must seek recourse for workplace wrongs through their union, which is the gatekeeper of the grievance process. 

Stigmatizing mental-health issues costly for car dealership

We would like to think a toxic work environment is a rarity in this day and age. Unfortunately, that is not the case, writes Ed Canning.