What are the legal bases for challenging a Will?

What are the legal bases for challenging a Will?


Who gets to keep the engagement ring?

Social Media and Employment issues

Should what you post online lead to potential job action?

Sunday Brunch Radio Show - January 11th

Lots of news items for a criminal lawyer to talk about . . .

Imposing a sentence

How does a judge decide that the right sentence is to impose on an offender?

What is an Examination for Discovery?

What is an examination for discovery? My mother started a lawsuit against the other driver for injuries she suffered in a bad T-bone accident and she has to attend one of these very soon?

Seriously injured in a vehicle accident?

I sustained serious injuries in a car accident that was not my fault.  What can I sue the other driver for?

Legal Matters - Personal Injury

I was struck by a car while crossing the street and I cannot go back to work. I need help. I was told I cannot sue the driver who hit me for my injuries because of “no-fault’ insurance. Is that true?

Legal Matters - Personal Injury

I was injured in a car accident and I have sued the driver who hit me.  Can my facebook posts and pictures be used against me in Court?

Police no longer require a warrant to search your cellphone

The Supreme Court of Canada, by a 4:3 margin, has authorized police to search cellphones of people they’ve arrested without getting a warrant first.