Charities & Not-for-Profit Law

Recent legislative changes have increased the complexity of not-for-profit and charity law in Canada.  The Charities and Not-for-Profit Law Group at Ross & McBride LLP has unrivaled experience in assisting clients in navigating these changes.

At Ross & McBride LLP we help organizations operate more effectively, with greater transparency and accountability to their stakeholders.

We advise and represent not-for-profit and charitable organizations in such matters as:

  • Charitable registration under the Income Tax Act
  • Legal advocacy
  • Maintaining charitable status and dealing with the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA)
  • Transition under the new federal and provincial corporate legislation
  • Updating by-laws and review of governance and operational matters
  • Assistance with organizing and holding meetings for members and other stakeholders
  • Advising on political activities within CRA rules
  • Facilitating foreign operations by Canadian not-for-profits and charities
  • Employment matters
  • Major agreements with donors and funders
  • Legal and ethical issues with fundraising, fundraising contracts, gifts, and planned giving
  • Partnerships, affiliations, and mergers
  • Protection of intellectual property – copyright and trade-marks
  • Educational programs for boards, staff, and volunteers on legal and ethical issues

Our lawyers are involved with the not-for-profit and charitable sector not only as advisors, but as volunteers.  This volunteer experience allows us to better understand the needs of our clients.

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Jarrett Putt
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